Basement Finishing Framingham MA

Many of the homes here in Massachusetts are older and have unfinished basements. Turning a cold dark dungeon of a basement into an oasis for your family can be huge. Getting your basement finished can create so much more space in your home! Adding livable square footage and value to your property is a great way to improve your quality of life without having to move. We have been working in the home improvement industry for over 30 years, and have the experience and tools on our side to provide expert basement finishing services for all of our customers.

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    Here are a few awesome benefits of getting more use of a finished basement: 

    • Additional Family room for gathering
    • Basement in-law suite
    • Basement apartment (potential income property)
    • Basement man cave / den
    • Entertaining area with wet bar
    • Kids play area (keeping those toys out of the living room)
    • Basement music room
    • Additional quiet space for an office / study
    • In-home movie theater

    The possible uses for additional living space in your home are literally endless. The first step in the process is giving us a call. We will schedule a convenient time to come out and evaluate your basement and provide a free quote on the scope of work. Seeing the smiles on our customer's faces when they see the finished product is worth it every time! Call us today! 

    basement contractor Framingham MA

    Home Remodeling Framingham MA

    basement finishing Framingham MA

    We are your go-to local home improvement company for any number of home renovations. Throughout Southborough and the Framingham area, we provide quality home improvement services including complete basement renovation. If you’re looking for local basement refinishing contractors, read on to see what options are available to you! Here are just some of the reasons why many people end up hiring us for basement remodeling:

    • DIY project went wrong
    • Previous issues with finishing
    • Previous finishing not compliant with city or municipality code
    • Needing more space
    • Needing more living areas
    • Looking to increase home value
    • Looking to increase utility of the basement area

    New homeowners especially can benefit from a consultation with us on having a basement finished or refinished. Customers can use the consultation to identify any areas to improve their home’s value and opportunities to prevent mold or mildew possibilities.

    Whether you are a new homeowner or have owned your home for years, finishing your basement could increase the value of your home, and can also increase the quality time you spend in a comfy living space!

    Basement Remodeling Framingham MA

    Of all the advantages that come with having a basement, the extra space is what most people think of first. Then, years after purchasing your house, the basement is still unfinished! This is square footage that was paid for and you’re missing out on all it has to offer. Often, homeowners and renters only use their basement as a storage center. Sometimes you’ll find a laundry center, but eliminate the old school thinking that by finishing your basement you will lose out on your storage space. With clever design and purposeful planning, you can have your space and high home value too!

    If you’re trying to add value to your home or get everything out of it that you paid for, utilizing the space you already have is a good starting point. A basement is an economical option for upgrading your home.  Adding to your home's existing living space is easy with a basement and usually doesn’t disrupt your day to day activities.

    Using your local home improvement company you can make your basement a living space you use constantly, an additional bedroom, functioning storage area, or game room. Basement remodeling isn’t an easy job, but with a general contractor, you can “find” an additional room or two in your home. Imagine increasing your home’s current living space with an additional bathroom and bedroom!  That can go a long way these days in terms of property value in Framingham. ​​