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There is nothing like adding a deck or porch to your home. Not only is it visually appealing, but it adds value to your house, and helps you enjoy an extension of your living space in the fresh air! Call us today for a free in-home quote for your deck. Trust our expert Home Improvements team to build a deck that is solid, up to code, and that will add beauty and value to your home, to last generations. 

deck installers Framingham MA

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    If you're looking for a home improvement project to increase the value of your house without disrupting your household for weeks or even months there are plenty of options available. Decks and porches can add Great Value to your home and yard with little to no disruption to your household. Maybe you want that quiet space to sit outside in the mornings. Or perhaps you're searching for the perfect porch that everyone can cozy up on after a BBQ. Either way, adding a different porch to your home or renovating an existing one can be cost-effective and create more visual appeal for your yard.

    deck contractors Framingham MA

    Deck Installation Framingham MA

    deck installation Framingham MA

    Building decks are not something that is encouraged as a do-it-yourself project. Rather, having a stable structure and methodical building of the entire deck is preferred and easily done by professionals. We have a long history of deck building. This means we know how to best approach a new job based on your needs and expectations. Nothing short of a great and beautiful deck should be your final result and we can deliver.

    Before starting any project with a deck builder, take into consideration these primary aspects of the project:

    • Materials
    • Timeframe
    • Climate
    • Budget

    That’s right; these four simple, but very general aspects will help you make all the decisions necessary when working with a deck builder.

    The right materials are the cornerstone of a good deck. But, which materials are right for you and your home is dependent on the local climate, your lifestyle, and budget. ​

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    Pressure treated wood, for instance, is cheap and easy to work with. However, it needs constant cleaning, staining, and sealing which means a lot of maintenance throughout the years. If you’re not planning on using your deck daily, this could work for you.

    Composite wood can last much longer than the pressure treated wood with far less maintenance. But, it scratches easily, it holds scuffs, and is pricier.

    If you’re living in a humid area, you might look at PVC. This wood type is resistant to moisture and deflects the climate by refusing to shrink or swell. It is also pretty resistant to pests such as termite which as you can imagine, can wreak havoc on a deck. It’s easy to clean and a little pricier than the pressure treated wood. The most common complaint on PVC? Squeaking!

    Cedar and Redwood offer the great benefit of naturally repelling pests and insects. As well as aging into a great grey that offers a unique visual appeal. However as with all things it has its downside too. Cedar and Redwood both require regular maintenance and must be frequently treated for waterproofing.

    Tropical hardwood is an option that many people don’t realize is labor intensive until they see the price for installation. The labor is difficult and the wood itself is generally expensive. Its natural beauty, insect resistance, and rot resistance are traded off some people are willing to take for the price tag.

    deck builder Framingham MA

    Composite Deck Installation Framingham MA

    Trex and Azek decking are two of the most popular deck options available today. We use both of these more often than any other decking materials.

    Trex is the brand of a composite wood company. But this composite wood is designed for low-maintenance and visual appeal. These are an alternative to the traditional wood material options listed above. Instead, Trex delivers the visual advantage of wood that people want to see with a deck builder, it is meant to hold up against years of weather and use.

    The key points that make Trex such popular options are:

    • Resistant to rot
    • Resistant to swelling and warping
    • Does not fall prey to insect infestations
    • Does not require frequent or annual sealing, or staining.
    • Does not splinter

    These are great points that drive many homeowners to consider Trex or Azek decking.

    Azek is another brand that is an alternative to the traditional wood options listed above. Their decking materials are crafted from the polymer. It also looks like wood but is far more durable and long-lasting. Two qualities you want when investing in your home.

    deck builder Framingham MA

    Deck Installation Company Framingham MA

    Picking the right type of deck that is right for you, your home and your family is all about the visual appeal. Many homeowners use their decks as a designated outdoor dining space, grilling area or lounge area. All of these are great activities but how do you work with a deck builder in a way that will deliver great visual appeal as well?

    The visual appeal starts with the right material. This is another reason many people choose Trex or Azek for their deck. Using these materials, the wood-looking material will retain its color and evident “grain” for longer. Essentially, it will look newer for longer.

    Many homeowners look for a twist on the classic deck to set their backyard apart. Recent trends show floating decks, or decks not directly attached to the house as a favorite of new homeowners. Additionally, many are mirroring smaller floating decks rather than using a deck builder to construct one large deck.

    Discuss with your deck builders or general contractors what options are available in your yard. Decks and patios are an opportunity to get creative with your yard. 

    Porch Builder Framingham MA

    Consult with Framingham General Contractor, your local home improvement company when you want to build a porch. Either a front or back porch can be a great way to expand your home. Creating a space where you can sit outside in the front yard can lead to many call mornings. Speaking with a general contractor or porch builder in Framingham Ma can help you learn what options are available to do with how your house sits on the property now. Porches do sometimes require permits and your local home improvement company should be able to help you through that process. If you're attempting to DIY a porch take that into consideration and contact your city before you start.

    front porch addition Framingham MA

    Front Porch Builder Framingham MA

    porch builder Framingham MA

    Many homes are not built with a front porch or a front spacious area near the doorway. However front porches can be a great space for greeting guests, or packages and mail delivery. It's also a great way to showcase the front of your home and bring focused towards your entryway, adding so much curb-appeal. A front porch is a great way to add charm or character to your house. Create a comfortable space for you to sit outside watch the kids or even keep an eye on the neighbors by contacting a general contractor.

    Back Porch Builder Framingham MA

    Alone front porch as a character to your home it back porch is so much closer to a functioning room in your household. Building a porch can mean more play time for your kids outside or a safer environment for your animals. The goal was a back porch is not usually to increase the value of your home monetarily. Instead of back porch normally delivers many day-to-day benefits that you'll see it immediately after it's finished. Contact a home renovation contractor to know what options you have in your backyard to expand near your home. A screened in 3 season porch is also a wonderful option for many families. 

    The Process of Porch Building

    Building a porch follows much of the same process that adding a room to your household does unlike building a deck and porch only requires footing framing electrical work and finishing the wood. When you're considering adding a porch to your home and I didn't that you are adding an entire room the only thing that you're not doing is adding heating costs. Although this space won't have heating cooling or structural walls take into consideration how much time you'll be spending on your new addition. Adding a porch is a great way to improve your cousin feel but it's also a great way to create more family time.

    Your material options are very much the same for the porches they are for building a deck. A variety of different wood species, composite, wood, PVC, Trex and Azek are all popular options. Take into consideration though that while you may not walk across a deck every day you will certainly walk across a porch daily. Porches see a lot more foot traffic than most rooms in your home. Because of this, consider sturdier materials such as the Trex or Azek options. That way you’re not restraining, resealing and waterproofing your porch every couple of months. ​

    Deck Installation Framingham

    The process for a deck installation in Framingham, MA follows a clear set of steps. From start to finish the entire project or job should take no more than a week. We can often complete jobs quickly and without any loss in quality. Many of our satisfied customers enjoy their decks regularly.

    Step One: Planning and Marking

    Planning and marking out the section of your yard that is dedicated to the future deck is really the fun part of improving your home. When you’re using a general contractor, local home improvement company, or professional deck builders they will often pull the heavy weight of acquiring any necessary permits and consulting with any other professional on the design of your plans.

    Step Two: Ground Preparation

    Odds are your deck is going to take over some part of your yard. Whether its dirt, gravel, or grass they all need some form of preparation. We have a regular system for preparing yards so the ground is best prepared for the deck to come in.

    By laying down a weed-proof barrier, and placing posts where necessary this becomes the basis of a strong structural system.

    Step Three: Edging and Framing

    Just as if adding a room to your home, the structural posts hold the framework that will eventually be your deck. As you watch the crew work in your yard, you will see a skeleton begin to form as they grow from posts to posts with side boards and eventually a structure that resembles a deck.

    Step Four: Lumber and Decking Board

    As you can imagine once the basic structure is up all that is left is to add the internal joints and lumber necessary then finish it with the decking board. Now the space in your yard is coming together you should clearly see your design coming to life. ​

    Porch and Deck Contractors Framingham MA

    As your General contractors throughout Framingham, MA we are available to listen and understand your situation with your porch or deck. However, we understand that for you this isn’t just a job to be hired out.

    We place a high-priority on safety by maintaining full insurance and licensing. Additionally, we work with a diligence to our craft. Whether it’s a new porch, deck builders, or renovating an existing porch or deck we treat each job with care because this is your home.

    Decks and Patios – Renovated

    Many new homeowners find themselves in possession of a great house with a long forgotten deck, patio or porch. Usually, the old homeowners long ago forgot about the necessary maintenance that comes with wood structures.

    Don’t worry! We have worked on many renovations for exterior structures including decks and porches. This wood may need some work, but in the end, your home’s exterior will show the pride of a well-maintained deck or porch.

    For existing homeowners, a renovation is a great opportunity to expand or better negotiate space. Maybe you realized years down the road that the deck isn’t in the best spot, or isn’t wide enough to serve its purpose!

    Why Hire a Professional?

    While many do-it-yourself enthusiasts take on a building a porch or deck no problem, the fact is not everyone is an expert deck builder. Do-it-yourself projects are great, but sometimes there’s no beating a good general contractor.

    A wood deck builder, home renovation contractor or deck builders, in general, can complete the job in a timely fashion with quality craftsmanship. What it comes down to is the better the craftsmanship in the building of the deck, the longer you can anticipate it to last. You can contact general contractors or deck builders and request a variety of estimates. Odds are you will quickly see that the price ranges aren’t normally out of range when you factor in how much of your own time you would spend on this project spread out over a number of weekends.

    Call for a Free Estimate

    Our team delivers new deck and porch construction. In addition, we fully renovate decks, porches, and replace them as needed. We provide free estimates on request that include all demo, hauling, planning, and permit costs in the pricing as well. There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs that you only see at the end of a job.

    Use our contact form below or call our offices for a free, no-obligation quote and in-home consultation.