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    If you are a homeowner looking to take on a home improvement project or complete some necessary repairs a general contractor is a place to start. Many home improvement projects that homeowners try the “DIY” route first end up in a more expensive project as a general contractor or home renovation contractor may have to make costly corrections. ​​Instead, give us a call first and start with an established contractor for your:

    • Kitchen Remodel
    • Small kitchen renovation
    • Bathroom Remodel
    • Half bath remodel
    • Basement finishing & Basement Remodeling
    • Deck Construction
    • Porches
    • Garage Additions

    Licensed Home Improvement Contractor Framingham MA

    We provide quick efficient service, friendly competitive quotes, and best of all we specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and basement finishing. Whether your home has been recently purchased and needs work before moving in, or you are in need of just one are of your home to be updated, give us a call. 

    If you, like many homeowners, believe a general contractor isn’t in your budget we’d like to hear from you. Allow us to provide a free in-home consultation for your next renovation project or complete the contact form below for a no-obligation, completely free quote.

    General Contractor Framingham MA

    Finding a great general contractor isn’t easy, and many people use the term as a general umbrella for home repair and renovation. While this is typically accurate, general contractors do much more than simply complete the repairs or improvements.

    A general contractor is responsible for overseeing the entire project. Some work alone, with a small team, or can offer advice on who to hire for a successfully completed job. They will manage or supervise any hired subcontractors, as well as schedule necessary inspections and obtain permits through your city, or county.

    People all over the Framingham area use a general contractor for long-overdue repairs and home improvements. One aspect that comes with living in Massachusetts that we understand is the weather damage that can occur quickly. Basement refinishing is one of our specialties. From the existing finishing becoming dry, brittle or experiencing frost damage a refinishing can greatly improve your basement. ​

    We also offer the following services:

    General Home Renovations

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Basement Finishing

    Decks & Porches

    Garage Additions

    Sunroom Additions

    Second floor Additions

    Painting & Carpentry

    Raised Ranch Remodeling


    If you’re in Framingham or any town in the Metrowest, our Home Improvements company can help you throughout the process of any kitchen, or bathroom remodels and any basement refinishing.

    At Nikolai Home Improvements, we provide quality and friendly service with a focus on safety and our customer’s satisfaction through every project.

    Contact our office today for a quote that can help you make a decision that’s best for your home! Use the contact form above, or click below to call us.​​

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    There are many general contractors working in the Framingham area but which is right for you and your home? We have these suggestions to help ensure you have the job done right, the first time:

    • Ask questions
    • Request references
    • Ask for insurance certificate copies (proof of insurance)
    • Get a contract, in writing

    These steps can help you narrow down your list of possible general contractors. Ask questions that are relevant to your needs. Questions such as:

    • Have many similar projects have you done?
    • Will this renovation require any permits or inspections?
    • Do you work with subcontractors, and do you use the same ones repeatedly?

    This is the same as conducting an interview with anyone you might hire. Checking out the projects we’ve done before can help you determine that we have enough experience for you to be comfortable hiring us.We also will be sure to pull any proper permits, and we are knowledgeable about the town’s requirements for building codes. Our policy is always to maintain great open and frequent communication with all our customers in order to avoid any mishaps, delays or miscommunications during a project. 

    Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Framingham MA

    general contractor Framingham

    For homeowners looking to increase the value of their home, kitchen renovations are a common go-to. From the time people buy their home, they spend valuable family time in their kitchens. Small kitchen renovations or large kitchen remodeling is made easy with a Framingham kitchen remodel contractor. Don’t get caught in a kitchen remodeling DIY disaster. Whether you spend hours enjoying your kitchen now, or a few minutes a day catching up with the necessary food groups we know you can’t go without a kitchen in your home for long. So we start strong, by asking the right questions first!

    Kitchen remodeling contractors know which questions to ask for you to end up with the kitchen of your dreams. What are you trying to get out of a remodel? Do you want to hide clutter, or eliminate it altogether? Are you happy with your current kitchen layout? We welcome any and all ideas and questions when we are first getting started. It’s better to start with a comprehensive plan and work in all the features you want from the beginning, rather than try to add things down the road.

    Keep these common requests in mind when you give us a call

    More space

    More storage

    Style changes

    Functionality improvement

    Catching up on new home requirements ​​

    Kitchen Renovation Framingham MA

    All of these are valid requests to expect from a kitchen remodel. If you’re looking for a small kitchen renovation you may want to discuss feasible ideas for getting more functionality out of space. Going over all of your wants, needs, and expectations with a general contractor or kitchen remodeling contractor can help you decide if they’re the right fit for you.

    At our home improvement your needs and wants for your dream kitchen are all taken into consideration. If anything seems unreasonable for your household’s size or layout we will discuss alternatives that are available, rather than a flat-out “no”. From affordable alternatives and staff that are focused on making your dream kitchen a reality, you won’t be disappointed.

    Using our contact form below, or calling our office we can offer a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. Take the opportunity to discuss your dream kitchen renovation with a general contractor today!

    best kitchen contractor Framingham MA

    Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Framingham MA

    bathroom renovations Framingham

    A bathroom renovation can spruce up your home without dismantling a primary living space. Bathroom remodel projects are also a great way to ensure that your bathroom is free of mold and that all the plumbing works correctly. One of the commonly heard issues with bathroom renovations is the story of a DIY bathroom remodels exposing a wall of mold. Another is a DIY turned nightmare when a homeowner isn’t quite sure what to do with the plumbing and now the sink is half finished.

    A general contractor can help walk you through a master bathroom remodeling, new bathroom renovation or even a half bath remodeling. Although general contractors aren’t designing masterminds, the goals of your renovation come first! Using a general contractor can help you understand any electrical or plumbing obstacles you might encounter before you get to your dream bathroom. Eliminate the stress of doing a major home project on your own and avoid the DIY disasters!

    Bathroom Renovation Framingham MA

    Using general contractors is a great way to save yourself, and your family any time spent without a bathroom. As one of the most vital rooms in the household, we understand that importance in finishing the job correctly and quickly. For us, this means using the time spent with the bathroom unavailable wisely. By preparing any steps possible before working in the room we can get a head start on ensuring that all project aspects can be completed quickly. This includes having the materials available, scheduling any necessary inspections and requesting permits. But, it also means going through any possible changes with you so the end result is exactly what you’re expecting. ​

    best bathroom contractor Framingham MA

    Basement Finishing Framingham MA

    best general contractor Framingham MA

    Unlike bathrooms and kitchens, homeowners don’t typically put their basement very high on their priority list. However, this is valuable space in your home, that if you’re not using, you’re losing out on!

    When you start planning a basement finishing or refinishing, you can almost be sure that plumbing and electrical work is probably required. Not to mention the added struggle that you aren’t working with materials you usually encounter in a simple DIY project. Unlike other rooms in your home, your basement is usually framed, walled, and floored in a block, type of brick, or cement. Some older homes may even encounter masonry! But the result is all the same, nails and screws won’t do the job in these instances.

    Basement Finishing Framingham MA

    A general contractor, like us, with experience in basement finishing or basement refinishing is knowledgeable in anchors, and fasteners that are best for the wall type in your basement. Save money on renting specialized equipment like a shotgun fastener by hiring professionals who are already equipped to the do the job right, the first time. ​

    Our contractors can ensure that installation is properly installed for optimum cold and heat maintenance. If you’re set on using your basement as a fully finished living space you can also evaluate the options of drop ceilings. A drop ceiling can cover any exposed electrical wiring or pipes. What is great about the drop ceiling options now is that unlike ten-years ago, they don’t all look like office spaces. You can have recessed lighting options that wouldn’t usually be available in a basement and it appears attractive.

    For the best mix of visual appearance and functionality, work with your general contractor and a trusted HVAC technician to discuss your heating options. Basements are a great living space for the summer months as they stay naturally cool. However, during the winter the cool can be a bit too much. Heat naturally rises and it is difficult to heat downward into a space built to sustain cool temperatures. HVAC technicians and your general contractor can evaluate what options are available to you in your basement. The goal is to keep heating and electrical costs down while building an enjoyable living space in your basement.​

    Cost To Refinish Basement Framingham MA

    Our General Contractor can give you a thorough quote and in-home consultation on what options are available to you when finishing or refinishing your basement. Through the contact form on our website, or by contacting our office by phone you can schedule an in-home, no obligation consultation at your convenience. ​

    “Had a great experience with them, they did a handicap-accessible bathroom for us, came out fantastic. Highly recommended!

    Tom S.

    “I hired them to finish my basement and they did a great job. I am very pleased with the work and also the workers that came to my home. I would not hesitate to use them again.”

    Beverly R.

    “Thank you for such a wonderful job on our kitchen! The finished product is beautiful with a lot of attention to detail. I highly recommend them.”

    Melissa K.


    Our home improvement Construction company is based in the Framingham/Greater Boston area. We work with many homeowners in the surrounding towns and cities as well. Additionally, we work on many homes in the surrounding areas of NorthboroughSouthboroughShrewsbury, Natick, Marlborough, Wellesley, Newton, Wayland, Ashland and more. If you would like to inquire if we can come to your neighborhood or town to provide you with an estimate for your next home renovation project, please call us today!