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If you are considering adding a garage to your home, and need to know the right process of how to go about it, give us a call! First of all, there are countless benefits to having a garage on your property, whether attached or detached. But building a garage from scratch takes budgeting, planning, and a good contractor.  Whether it is completely custom and designed to meet all of your needs, or a simple garage to extend the life of your car, we know how to deliver top quality work that suits you. ​ Here at Framingham General Contractor, we have been doing home improvement, and building garages and home additions for over 30 years. Fill out the form or give us a call and we can help you get started. 

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    ​You’re looking to invest in your home, or maybe just protect yourself and your vehicles from the cold months of winter. What is worse than having to scrape snow off of your windshield every morning? Maybe, getting into a boiling hot car in the middle of summer! The weather can severely wear on your car and to many of us it can be a huge pain to walk through it every morning just to get going on your way to work.

    As a homeowner, you have the benefit of upgrading your home in ways that benefit you and are also an investment on your property. There are a number of reasons for building a garage addition or doing a complete garage renovation. If you do have a garage, these, often, unfinished parts of the home need an overhaul to increase storage or improve the quality of the living space they offer. ​

    garage builders Framingham MA

    INCREASE STORAGE:  One of the many perks of a garage addition is the storage that comes with it. Even if you’re looking to only build a simple one car garage shell, you will instantly have a giant section for storage. Then with a minor upgrade, you can double your storage space in the attic of the garage as well!

    Storage isn’t just available in the form of plastic containers or marked boxes either. A garage addition is a great opportunity to build in shelves, and cabinets. If you have a hobbyist in the family a workbench is also a staple found in many garages across America. This is a selling point for many prospective homebuyers who are downsizing and feel they need all the storage they can get!

    INCREASED VALUE! If your home currently does not have a garage this is a great investment. This is a major selling point for home buyers, especially in areas such as Framingham, Massachusetts where inclement weather is part of life. Not having to brave excess heat or cold before leaving for work or school in the morning is a great value.

    Take into account a few aspects when investing in your home. First and foremost, how long will you be living here? Secondly, will your expenses have a significant impact on the value of your home? Finally, what value will this investment add to your daily life while you live in this house?

    These questions can help you decide if this is really an investment you want for your home.

    INCREASE LIVING SPACE: One way that a garage addition is an investment is the possibility of an increase in living space. Two story garages are not uncommon. If you feel it may dwarf your house in comparison, consider a detached garage that sits further back on your lot, away from your home.

    Many homeowners will add a second living space, game area, or playroom when they build a new garage. This does come with additional costs such as flooring, plumbing, and design. However, these additions don’t need to be done right away. You can increase living space as your time and budget permit. 


    garage builders Framingham MA

    Building a new garage is an adventure that many homeowners spend months putting time into. If you have a dream, bring it to reality. Bold garage doors, additional living spaces, efficient layout for storage and more. Garage additions aren’t limited to the simple structure that most people envision.

    Instead, use the upgrade you’re already prepared to make on your home to get the most of out your house. Keep these questions in mind as you begin to design your dream garage addition:

    • How many cars do you need space for?
    • One and two car garages are common; a three-car garage probably needs more assistance through design.
    • What types of vehicles do you regularly house?
    • Yes, there is a difference between a sedan and large truck, but also remember Recreational Vehicles and motorhomes as well.
    • Do you have a functional driveway?
    • Is it in a space that lines up with where you want your garage addition?
    • Do you want your garage attached to the house or detached?
    • Do you want a living space or storage space over the garage?
    • How much storage space do you want to achieve?
    • What visual details do you want to use?
    • Think windows, garage doors, and exterior finishing.

    Starting with the major question of attached or detached garages we face the struggle of which one offers you the benefits that you need.

    Attached Garages Framingham MA

    There is some debate about which is more cost efficient. Although an attached garage addition can quickly increase in expense it is not guaranteed to be “cheaper” than a freestanding or detached garage.

    Instead, think about these benefits of an attached garage addition:

    • Increased security
    • No weather exposure between the car and your home
    • Storage space is conveniently near the house

    These are typically three things that people aren’t willing to give up for a freestanding garage. However, a detached garage has its own set of benefits.

    garage addition Framingham MA

    Detached Garages Framingham MA

    garage builder in Framingham MA

    In some areas, including throughout Massachusetts, a detached garage addition can be a cheaper option. The idea here is that you are trading off a lower cost for the inconvenience of having to go between the house and garage in inclement weather conditions. Cold weather in the winter and harsh storms are known to hit Framingham and the surrounding areas.

    However, consider these benefits when weighing your options:

    Keeps workshops completely separate, limiting noise, fumes and fire hazards from the house.

    Additional living spaces aren’t connected to the primary residence.

    The Garage can be positioned on the lot in a more visually appealing way (other than attached to the house).

    Additional living spaces can be easier to add to the design of detached garages.

    Just as with the attached garage benefits, if you’re looking to achieve any one of the things on this list you’re probably not willing to budge. 

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    Where To Start With Your Garage Project

    All jobs with us begin with the consideration of your cities codes and zoning regulations. After there is a shared understanding of what is possible while staying compliant, we can begin our process.  If necessary, demolition is possible and will be included in pricing. However for cost, building, and permit efficiency it is often recommended to maintain the current structure if it is not compromised.

    ​Step One: Zoning

    Only about sixty-six percent of homes in America currently have a garage on the property. If your home already has a garage and you’re looking to renovate an existing structure zoning and code regulations won’t cause you too much trouble.

    However, if you fall into the remaining portion of American homeowners then your garage addition will begin with a zoning check. Determining if your lot can feasibly fit a garage addition is pretty easy. When you’re working with a contractor you can get a lot of help here. Our general contractor are used to measuring lots to ensure that any garage addition is within the restrictions set out by the city and county.

    Additionally, driveway lying might be determined by zoning or local rules. What all can zoning and city regulations affect?

    Where you can build the structure

    The height of your walls and roof

    How much of your lot can be covered by a structure

    The depth of setbacks required in front of doors

    Although these seem like trivial items for a city to set regulations on, it’s not uncommon. We know local rules and work with them regularly. If you’re looking to review them yourself before seeking the assistance of a contractor, contact your local planning department!

    Step Two: Size and Access

    The two major areas of logistical design to take into account for your garage addition are the size and access. Determining the size of your new garage addition is pretty easy. Try these dimensions for quick and easy reference on size options:

    One car garage – 14 to 20 feet in length by 20 to 26 feet in width.

    Two car garage – 20 to 24 feet in length by 24 to 32 feet in width.

    Three car garage – 20 to 24 feet in length by 32 to 38 feet in width.

    Adding additional size from these suggestions will give you more walking and storage space throughout the garage. Take into account any installed cabinets or workbenches you plan on adding as well. You don’t want to set up your workshop only to realize that it means only one car fits in a two car garage!

    Setting up an access point for your garage is the next big ticket item after the size. Ask yourself these questions:

    If you’re building an attached garage addition, where will it connect to the house?

    How will the driveway sit to bridge the garage to the street?

    Do you need a walkway from the garage to the house or backyard?

    These questions work together to design your points of access. For a detached garage, you might also consider laying a breezeway between the garage and house.

    Step Three: Construction and Costs

    Homeadvisor shows the average cost of a garage addition across the United States is about $26,000. However, this fluctuates from a big window, starting at about $6,000 and going as high as $56,000. It all depends on how big and detailed you want your garage. If you’re looking to bring in additional living spaces above the garage with plumbing and full electrical you will definitely pay more than if you were to add a simple one car garage.

    Determining costs should include the materials and the cost of contractors or subcontractors. When you’re looking at any local home improvement company always take these steps:

    Request referrals from past jobs

    Request proof of insurances

    Request licensing information

    Request information on any subcontractors they may hire

    Although many adventurous homeowners try, this is not your typical do-it-yourself weekend project. Taking on a garage addition as a do-it-yourself project can quickly become more expensive than hiring a contractor. Working with contractors, and architects will allow you to understand the legal nuances such as zoning and city regulations. Also, they’re a great tool for any homeowner to have throughout the design and planning process.

    Construction begins with drawing out plans. When you have plans that meet all of your cities requirements you can then begin gathering the materials and equipment necessary. Another benefit of using a local home improvements company is that usually, they have all of the necessary equipment. Renting equipment can quickly become expensive and is nearly always inconvenient.

    Overall, estimate construction to take approximately five to seven days to complete. This is after all the permits are obtained for any electrical, plumbing and necessary foundation work. Factors that can affect the construction timeframe are:

    Size of your garage addition

    Weather conditions (they may affect the pouring and setting of concrete)

    Extras such as additional electrical wiring, plumbing or an added living space.

    How large the crew for your project is

    A contractor who is familiar with your project will be the best source for a reliable time frame for completing your garage addition. We work with the goal of delivering top quality work, which means ensuring each aspect of the job is completed to the best of our abilities with high-quality materials and attention to detail. ​

    Garage Additions Framingham MA

    When choosing a general contractor or local home improvement company, consider Framingham General Contractor. With a priority on safety, we are fully insured and licensed. All of our jobs are completed with a focus on meeting our customer’s goals in their home improvements. Are you searching for "garage builders near me"? We are your local garage builders ready to get to work. If you are wondering how much does it cost to have a garage built, or other questions about the cost of a new garage, including garage extension cost, or the cost to build an extension over your garage, give us a call for a great reasonable quote today. 

    By completing the contact form at the top, or calling our office we can provide a free quote and no-obligation in-home consultation to get you started on your new or updated garage!

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